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Circadian Suite
(trombone octet)

Free sample pages | Purchase (digital download)

Commissioned by the trombone studios of Tennessee Tech and the University of Delaware, this is two 3-movement suites that can be combined into a 6-movements suite lasting almost 20 minutes. Below is a video of the Washington Trombone Ensemble performing the Night Suite.

  1. Night Suite
    1. Night Falls (…and the goblins emerge) [3:30]
    2. Lying Awake (with persistent thoughts) [3:30]
    3. Amygdala Firing (and no dream is safe) [3:30]
  2. Day Suite
    1. Fanfare for the New Day (…and you’re late) [3:00]
    2. . Leisurely Park Lunch (with a glass of Glass) [4:00]
    3. Driving It Home (and beating the rush) [2:00]

Here’s a 2019 performance of Night Suite by the Washington Trombone Ensemble.

Three Calls
(for unaccompanied trombone)

Free sample pages | Purchase (digital download)

Three challenging pieces for advanced players.
ITA Frank Smith competition piece (2023)
ATW National Solo Competition Division 3 competition piece (2021)

  1. Mystery (2:30)
  2. Frenzy (2:30)
  3. Serenity (3:00)

Blue Wolf
(for unaccompanied trombone)

Available from Warwick Music (sample score from Warwick)
Available from Hickeys Music

BoneWeek Fanfares (free!)

Seven fanfares for trombone octet, each written for International Trombone Week.