24 Concert Pieces

For the needs of intermediate-advanced musicians I have written 24 pieces that smoothly progress in difficulty. Most of these are available as digital downloads. You can get pdf files and/or sound files. I recorded these pieces on tenor trombone and have created videos of them.

They are currently available for:

Fanfare for Carolus Prime
(for trombone sextet or duodectet)

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This piece was commissioned to commemorate the 26th Annual North Carolina Trombone Festival, hosted by Dr. Jeremy Marks, University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

The original request in this commission was to have additional parts accessible to younger players. To that end, the 12-part version (duodectet) has primary “A” parts and easier “B” parts. The sextet version is identical to the “A” parts and can be performed independently.

Performance time: App. 3:30

Of Sons and Fathers
(for trombone and piano)

Free Sample Pages | Purchase (digital download)

Commissioned by Austin Seybert.

5 movements including audio files to be played at the beginning of each movement. Audio files available as a zip file. Movements:

  1. Play Time
  2. Nap Time
  3. Rage Time
  4. Before His Time
  5. Story Time

I Have Relatives in North Dakota
(duet for horn and tuba)
(new: for horn and trombone)

Free sample pages |
Purchase Horn/Tuba version (digital download)
Purchase Horn/Trombone version (digital download)

Commissioned by Amy Laursen and Todd Cranson at the University of South Dakota.

Movements (with links to performance videos):

  1. …and they’re crazy
  2. …and they’re too cold in winter
  3. …and they’re too hot in summer
  4. …and they’re rather fun to be around

Three Calls (for unaccompanied trombone)

Free sample pages | Purchase (digital download)

Challenging music for advanced players. This piece was written in March, 2020. While this at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic shut-down I cannot say that those events inspired the piece.
However, the movement titles do feel somehow appropriate.

  1. Mystery (2:30)
  2. Frenzy (2:30)
  3. Serenity (3:00)
  • ITA Frank Smith Solo Competition (2023)
  • ATW National Solo Competition Division 3 competition piece (2021)

Circadian Suite (trombone octet)

Free sample pages | Purchase (digital download)

Commissioned by the trombone studios of Tennessee Tech and the University of Delaware, this is two 3-movement suites that can be combined into a 6-movements suite lasting almost 20 minutes. There is a video of the Washington Trombone Ensemble performing the Night Suite.

  1. Night Suite
    1. Night Falls (…and the goblins emerge) [3:30]
    2. Lying Awake (with persistent thoughts) [3:30]
    3. Amygdala Firing (and no dream is safe) [3:30]
  2. Day Suite
    1. Fanfare for the New Day (…and you’re late) [3:00]
    2. . Leisurely Park Lunch (with a glass of Glass) [4:00]
    3. Driving It Home (and beating the rush) [2:00]

Here’s a 2019 performance of Night Suite by the Washington Trombone Ensemble. The recording should cue up to the 7:56:39 mark.

Here’s a nice overdub performance of Part Two by Daniel Watt.

Five American Folk Song Sketches (horn and trombone duet)

Free sample pages | Purchase (digital download)

  1. Black is the Color of my True Love’s Hair (video)
  2. Soldier Boy (video)
  3. Shenandoah (video)
  4. All the Pretty Little Horses (video)
  5. Dunderbeck (video)

Latchn Duets (tenor and bass trombone duet)

Free sample pages | Purchase (digital download)

These duets were composed at the request of a former student, Russ Zokaites. He asked me to write a set of pieces based on Appalachian folk music.

  1. Everlasting Arms
  2. He’s Gone Away
  3. Sweet Betsy from Pike

Memories of the Spirit
(trombone ensemble with 3 bass trombone soloists)

Free sample pages | Purchase (digital download)

Commissioned by the Columbus State trombone choir and premiered at the 2013 International Trombone Festival. Soloists: Charlie Vernon, Denson Paul Pollard, and James Markey.

Pieces Available through Other Publishers/Distributors

Blue Wolf for Unaccompanied Trombone

Inspired by the guitar playing of Joni Mitchell and the background guitar stylings in Blue’s Clues, this piece employs a limited number of extended techniques including some multi-phonics and the removal of the F-attachment slide. Available from Warwick Music and Hickeys Music.

Four Impromptus for Low Bone Alone

These four pieces, each preceded by a short poem, are mostly for bass trombone but can be played on tenor. They can purchased from Warwick Music or Hickeys Music.

Free! – BoneWeek Fanfares
(trombone octet)

I have written 7 fanfares for trombone octet. There were written in commemoration of International Trombone Week. They are available on

Free! – Audition Solos

I have written 176 one-minute pieces for all woodwinds and brass.
They are available through